Motivation starts with the desire to be free:


  • Free from dependency on others
  • Free to live the lifestyle we dream of
  • Free to explore our ideas

Total freedom is not possible or desirable, but the struggle to achieve that ideal is the basis for motivation.


Motivation is built on three basic elements:


  1. Motivation starts with a need, vision, dream or desire to achieve. Creativity is associated with ideas, projects and goals, which can be considered a path to freedom.
  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve your desired goals
  3. The desire to overcome barriers and to bounce back from discouragement or failure. Bouncing back requires creative thinking as it is a learning process.


What is Motivation about?


  • Motivation is about willingness to try. How you will try and how long you will persist in trying.
  • Attitudes play a key role in building and maintaining motivation
  • Your belief in your ability to carry out a specific task affects your achievement of your goal.
  • Your enthusiasm for a specific task will affect the effort you put into completing that task.
  • Your level of self-esteem and self-worth will affect your willingness to move beyond your confidence level in any specific task.
  • Successful experiences help build willingness to try, through encouragement.
  • Relevant, realistic sub-goals help keep us motivated along the way to achieving final goals like mastering new skills and achieving changes in self or relationships.
  • There are acquirable and specific skills which can be learnt to enable us to achieve our sub-goals and eventually our life goals.
  • Setting goals mobilises energy and effort and increases persistence at carrying out tasks.